“Mark and I have deployed over 25 successful high precision vision guided medical device laser welders over the last 10 years. Mark is always fun and professional. I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Lasermarks when designing your first system.”

Justin Eckhardt, Director Automated Inspection Systems, Saber Engineering

“If you have a challenging job, maybe something which requires special attention to detail or maybe you’re trying to cut or engrave a “weird” material. Mark is your guy. There are a lot of joker’s out there who run laser engravers, but Mark knows them inside and out with 30+ years of experience actually building custom systems. He knows what lasers and pulse parameters are right for your job. I had Mark help me engrave complex micofluidic channels in a block of solid titanium. This is not an easy job and required a lot of special attention to detail. I am extremely pleased with the results and service I received here. I doubt anyone in the Bay area has a laser system with a spot size close to 15 um. Cannot recommend enough.”

Chemist, Stanford Department of Chemistry

“Mark Brodsky and his company, LMCO, have been providing my company, Friedman Consulting Services, LLC,  with custom electronic controllers since 2012.  In addition, Mark has advised our company on system design issues and procedures for efficient cutting scenarios which have added to the performance of our fiber based laser systems. ”

Yours truly, Dr. Herbert Friedman, Owner of FCS, LC