Our team has built OEM Modules and Complete Systems” for industries such as;

  •  Aerospace
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Semiconductor
  • Biomedical
  • Industrial Automation

Mark Brodsky

President and CTO

  • 15 year Semiconductor  Packaging Engineering

  • 30 years Laser Applications Development

Decades of machine and process development for a multitude of industrial laser applications has provided me tools to solve your production needs.

Custom systems I have designed and built are at work throughout the world in semiconductor, aviation, medical, automotive, and industrial fields.

My experience as an industrial and systems engineer for 16 years prior to focusing on lasers afforded me the training in automation, assembly, material processing as practiced in high technology factories on many continents.



Professional Resume

Laser Applications Development

  • Develop over 400 laser processes for technology companies.

  • Design a half dozen different processes for Li Ion battery processing

  • Expert in MOPA Fiber Laser Pulse applications

  • Integrated multiple 2 and 3 axis Galvo cutting, etching and marking systems

  • Invented controller to combine micro welding and nano ablation vectors

  • Designed, Patented, and built the first practical Fiber Laser Marking System

  • Designed and installed laser marking capability onto over 100 automated handlers in 50 facilities worldwide

  • Oversaw the design for over 350 laser modules

  • Design currently operating in IDT, SMP, Motorola, Go Semi, EDL, Philips, Chipscale, National, Ismecca, etc.

Positions Held

  • Laser Application Developer, Systems Integrator, Engineer

  • President and CTO, Laser Mark’s Company founded 1988

  • President and CTO Laser Process Group and MrLaser.com

  • US Applications Lab Manager, SPI Lasers 2008-2013

  • President, Mr. Laser Inc., sold to Spectra Diode Labs 1998-2002

  • Product Manager Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Qronos 1988

  • Manager Advanced Assembly Automation; AMD 1982-1986

  • Manager Packaging, Zilog Semi; Project Engineer, National Semi

Published Papers

  • Laser Induced Corrosion Resistant Oxides on Stainless Steel

  • Micro-Cutting with Nanosecond Pulsed Fiber Lasers

  • Wave Forms, a New Laser Tool, Optics and Photonics News

  • Dendritic Growth of Silver in Plastic IC Packages

  • Techniques for Alpha Radiation protection for IC memories

  • Concepts in Advanced Automation Assembly, ISHM


  • #7,238,075 Apparatus for protecting users of surfboards from sharks

  • #6,679,222 Texturing of die pad surface for enhanced bonding

  • #6,489,985 Laser Marking system and method of control

  • #6,160,568 Laser Marking system and method of control

  • #4,420,767 Thermally balanced leadless semiconductor chip carrier

Community Service

  • Mayor Emeritus, City of Monte Sereno, Four year Councilman

  • Los Gatos Morning Rotary Lobster Block party co-chair


  • Bachelor of Science, Industrial and Systems Engineering, SJSU

Meet The Team


Working with LMco
Since 1991

  • Software Development

  • Hardware Interface

  • Electronic Component Design


Working with LMco
Since 2006

  • Enclosure Design and Manufacturing


Working with LMco
Since 2008

  • Laser Technician


Working with LMco
Since 2003

  • GM Laser Mark’s Company

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