We are a full service industrial laser support organization.

OEM Modules and Complete Systems for  Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Semiconductor, Biomedical, and Industrial Automation.  


The MB Laser Group will interview clients  to fully flush out their production requirements.  We spend time with scientists, engineers, and technology management to both understand what is needed, as well as communicate the options for achieving those goals.  We invite you to come to us, and we are also available to come to you. We have traveled the world.

Process Development

Once we understand the desired result, we need to test whether the laser is the correct tool for the job.   Using the 8 different systems at Laser Mark’s Company LLC, we examine a multitude of laser parameters on sample parts.  Doing this first proof of concept, provides customers with confidence to proceed with a build or out-source decision.

Laser Selection

There are many ways to incorporate lasers into production.  And no one laser is the right fit for ever application.   Some lasers output fine beams with laser spots which are like ice picks.  Others have smooth tipped spots which are more like paint rollers.  And there are a variety of laser modes in between.  Our expertise is with 1064nm 532nm and CO2 10640nm.

Optics Design

The smallest spot is not always the best choice.   And  simply expanding or taking a low moded laser out of focus will still retain a hot tip in the center of the spot.  And one must also avoid over cooking an etch with too much plasma which acts as a shield for following pulses.    The material overheats as the energy simple heats the plasma and glazes the work.

Production Integration

We design custom Class I laser enclosures to fit into a new or existing assembly line, or we can modify one of our 6 standard designs.   Space limitations, dust and smoke removal, and operator access all need to be considered.  Our systems, built by our MrLaser Inc. group, are designed to be upgraded with additional part access.

Vision Systems

MrLaser builds custom HOT mirror video beam splitters that have been used on systems up to 70 watts.  We also have integrated machines with Keyence and Cognix vision systems when pattern recognition and in process offsets are required.

Out-source and

If the numbers do not show the value of building your own system, our Laser Mark’s Company LLC can provide job shop services for runs both small and large.  Laser Mark’s Company provides this laser service to over 400 companies throughout the US.

Integrated Motion Systems

One gets what one pays for when it comes to choosing the stage and controllers. We have used stage vendors that provide mil to sub-micron performance. Our experience will help you choose the most reliable and accurate components without spending extra on unnecessary performance.

Laser Application Services

The technology leader in Laser Processing Services since 1988.

Custom Laser Systems

Rock solid machines built quickly to get you into production.